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Since 2000, the European Legal Forum (EuLF) has regularly provided information about developments in various areas of the European ius commune. Special emphasis is placed on private international law and European and international civil procedure, commercial and company law, family law and successions, consumer law and labour law. The EuLF is directed at an international readership and provides researchers and legal practitioners with in-depth information on current developments in case law and legislation. Each volume of the EuLF also includes a section of book reviews.

The journal is linked to the online portal unalex, which allows direct online access to the case law cited therein.

From 2020, the EuLF will also be published online. It will be accompanied by a new concept of National Editorial Boards, where the plan is to publish content in languages other than English with a view to reporting back interesting information, briefly summarised, to the main, (still printed) English journal.

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